Just finished the first draft of a website for my wife’s home tutoring business.  I used the free web site builder tools from serversfree.com, and they’re not bad.  A few things we came across were a bit frustrating however:

  • Once you’ve chosen your template, the background image (in our case, of the coloured pencils) seems to be unchangeable
  • There’s no “undo” button, so use the “Save and Publish” option frequently to avoid losing work
  • When you create a new menu item (on the top row, in our case), it throws away work you’ve just done on your current page, so save it first!
  • Working with images is somewhat frustrating in terms of positioning, resolution etc

There are also good things about the sitebuilder:  The sites look good on iPhone and Android devices as well as on a PC / Mac.

I also noticed that when running this auto-generated page through W3C Validator, it finds 5 “errors”.   Hmmm.

I looked around for help pages, or a forum on this website builder too, to no avail.  Anyway I should probably be using something “proper” like WordPress, Joomla or even good old Dreamweaver.  Thoughts /comments appreciated.

Building a quick & easy website .. pros and cons